Best Tempe AZ DUI Lawyer – Your Lifeline When Arrested For DUI

Driving under influence or DUI is a serious crime in Tempe, Arizona. If you are arrested for DUI, you face fines, penalties and possible jail time including suspension of your license. Whether or not you are guilty of the crime, you need the best tempe az dui lawyer who is familiar with the driving laws of Arizona and who can appeal the various penalties faced including the suspension of the license.

How to avoid conviction in DUI arrest

Before you are convicted for DUI, it is important for the prosecution to successfully prove that your ability to drive a motor vehicle has been impaired due to alcohol or drugs. It is also important to prove that the police officers have followed proper procedures during the arrest. The details that took place when you were arrested are very crucial and a good DUI lawyer can turn the tide in your favor so to avoid conviction and the payment of penalties and fines. The DUI lawyer will look at the facts and establish the best defense for your case.

How were your arrested for DUI?

Most DUI arrests start by being asked to pullover due to a traffic violation like over speeding, running a red light or weaving over a lane line. In some cases, the police officer notices something wrong with your equipment which is considered as a violation like a broken taillight. Another common reason is not wearing a seatbelt. For example, the police officer has stopped you due to over speeding. He walks to your car, identifies himself and tells you the reason why you were stopped. You will be asked to show your driver’s license and proof of insurance. If you’ve got bloodshot eyes or if your breath smells like alcohol, the police officer will start to ask more questions. You do not have to answer the questions to avoid incriminating yourself. If the police officer thinks that you are impaired, you will be asked to step out of the car and take the breath test so that there will be evidence against you. Although the results of the breath test cannot be used at the trial of a DIU case, it can be used to justify your arrest.

What happens after you have been arrested?

If you are arrested, do not resist even if you disagree with the police officer, Resisting a police officer will be an additional charge so keep your calm. If you have a DUI lawyer, he will challenge the arrest in court. When the police officer reads you your Miranda rights and asks you additional questions, tell him that you will only speak when your DUI lawyer is present. Maintain your silence since there are police cars that record conversations. You will be informed that your license will be suspended for a minimum of 12 months if you do not take the chemical test. Keep in mind that even if the suspension is automatic, the DUI lawyer can challenge it in court. You may also be required to post bond which requires that you call your lawyer immediately.

Details You Need to Know about the Criminal Justice Careers

Those people who are interested in getting Criminal Justice degree can find this article very helpful as it includes the useful Criminal Justice Careers Details for the beginners. So starting from considering the level of complexity of this career, you might want to know that not all the criminal justice careers are way too risky to be dreaded from. Like all the other fields of studies in the World, this one also involves those areas that involve less complexity.

Example of Court Reporter

For instance, considering the example of the Court Reporter might get you a clear idea about it. A court reporter’s responsibilities lies in the line of documentation and theoretical work that is not that overwhelming. His/her job is limited to the area of courts as he/she is supposed to do, attending the court sessions for following up and recording them. But of course, it also has some limitations and rules to be followed like precise matters in this regard. He/she has to make proper and clear-cut reports of the speeches that he/she hears from the court session. And it’s not like this sub-field is of less importance in this subject, it also has its own worthy factors that are necessary to be done by some specialists. These records are necessary to maintain for legal proceedings to be used as a standard for the next similar cases or sessions.

Example of Crime Scene Analyst

Secondly, considering another example of this career can be helpful in getting to know the complexity level and importance of this career in the society. Crime scene analyst is also a responsibility-involving and an actively interesting job, as it involves a little field work. The analyst has to go to the crime scene personally and analyze the situation there by him/herself by watching and observing the facts and evidences on the scene. He/she is supposed to collect the facts and jot them down for further analysis and investigations’ proceedings. Since all the investigation will be depending on analyst’s findings from the actual crime scene, it needs to be noted down with a lot of care and attention and of course it must be precise and exact about the situation. He/she might also has to segregate the relevant and irrelevant information from the findings of the crime scene. An important fact from this sub-field is that it is in high demand now a days.

Example of Criminal Inspectors

This is an active sub-field of the Criminal Justice Career. It requires a job in the field as the agent of the investigation agency. He is supposed to read and observe facts of the scene and then go to the different people relevant to the crime case to talk to them for gathering the facts, that may link to the actual criminal. In this job, the agent may also be provided with some of the needed instruments like wireless ear phones, mobiles and computers.

So considering these examples of different complexity levels, it can be considered as a thrilling, responsible and an active job.